About Us

Barbara Allebone has run the school since 1972 following a professional career as a Tiller Girl. Barbara trained with Audrey Gale and bought the school from her on her retirement. She has written many books on fitness and exercise.

Barbara and her team are dedicated to bringing Ballet, Tap and Contemporary dance classes to children of all ages in the area.

Classes are held at The Studio, Earls Barton.

Exams are taken every other year through the N.A.T.D.
Alternate years everyone takes part in a Dancing Display in aid of charity.

The teachers are all fully qualified and committed to the children in their care, endeavouring to help each pupil fulfil their potential.
Dancing is a disciplined art and not every child will become a professional dancer, but they can aspire to do their very best, whilst having fun and at the same time gaining confidence and deportment.

Keep Fit classes are held at The Studio, Earls Barton where we offer a complete programme of muscle toning exercise for fitness and health.

Barbara Allebone MNATD(B&T)

Wendy Betts ANATD(B&T)
Nicola Millington NATD(B&T&C)
Christy Ann Wilson NATD(B&T)